Badges and goodies


Finally got Lapis’s Subaru Badge of Ownership on. I’m proud to show off that yes, Lapis is my first Subaru. 🙂 The lifestyle icons that I’ve currently got on are Love, Diversity (that’s supposed to be a rainbow), Pets, and the special I Am Loved icon that you can only get from a Subaru Ambassador.

And I actually work in the same building as a Subaru Ambassador, and have for a while – but I didn’t realize it until I’d posted a picture of Lapis in the office parking lot on Reddit, and he commented on the new Island Blue Pearl color and how awesome it looked, and joked that his WRX wasn’t in the picture because he was 10 minutes late to work that day.  It turns out that he works down the wing from me in my office building, and I’d been referring to him as “motorcycle guy” for years because I often parked Mia next to his motorcycle back when we both rode to work more often.  (It’s a small world, heh.)

Anyhow, it turns out he and his family have owned Subarus for a long time, and he’s a Subaru Ambassador – and he gave me a bunch of awesome Subaru goodies.

Not pictured: the Subaru t-shirt and bag that held everything, both in blue.

I’m pretty sure I bought a car from the right company – the Subaru community feels a heck of a lot like the Genuine Scooter Company community, where whenever you run into someone with a Buddy, it’s like you’re instantly friends because you’ve both got the same scooter, even if you’re riding a 2014 mint green 50cc and they’ve got a 2006 pink 125cc. It feels like it’s the same thing with Subarus – my friend Corey got really excited when he heard I’d gotten an Impreza, because now we had the same car (even though mine’s 3 years newer), and my Subaru Ambassador friend said his wife likes to park next to other Subarus in parking lots whenever she sees them, “so they can be friends!”  (I do the same thing when I can – yesterday I parked next to the gray Crosstrek that shows up in my usual lot from time to time.)  And the fact that I now have a tiny little Impreza to keep Mini Mia company on my desk makes me a happy little car nerd.

Tiny Impreza could probably actually ride Mini Mia, haha.

As I told Ross sometime last week, I think Lapis is going to be my new Mia.  I’m stupidly attached to this car already, and I haven’t quite owned her for two months yet.  And the fact that there are many, many others out there who also love their Subarus too, that gets me even more excited about having Lapis.

My shiny girl after her bath last Saturday.

Lapis’s odometer reading: around 860 miles?  I can’t remember even though I saw it maybe an hour ago


Lappy’s first LARP

For those of you who don’t know me all that well, every month or so I participate in a live-action role-playing game (or LARP for short).  One of the things that factored into my decision to get Lapis was her cargo space and the all-wheel drive, because I need to load a bunch of gear into a car and drive out into the country with it.


Lapis has way more space than the Nissan did, and can hold a heck of a lot more stuff. We actually managed to load the giant trash can full of foam weapons into Lapis – which I never would have been able to do with the old car.  And climbing those dirt roads going up steep hills was a breeze.  Speaking of dirt roads, someone ended up very dirty after that weekend in the woods…


We even got to splash around in a bunch of mud puddles, and drive through a downpour – it was an exciting weekend, driving-wise. 🙂  Today, Lapis and I are going on our first camping trip together, to Elf Fest! 😀

Lapis’s odometer reading: 642 miles

The adventures begin

Well, actually, the adventures began… what, 425 miles ago?  That’s a heck of a lot of miles for only having Lapis for two and a half weeks.

Anyway!  I used to run a blog for my old scooter, Mia, but I ended up stopping posting when I got my driver’s license and sold Mia to my little brother in law.  I missed posting about my road adventures, but the car I had before Lapis wasn’t very… adventuresome.  It was a 2015 Nissan Versa Note SV – not the most impressive, powerful, or comfortable car out there.  I was terrified of driving, though, and wanted something that wasn’t all that big compared to some of the other cars I’d seen out there.  (Ross’s old XV Crosstrek was like a cruise ship compared to Mia, for example.)

There’s the old Versa.

When I finally got my driver’s license last June, I ended up driving the Versa quite a bit – I commuted to work, I drove out to visit friends, but never really went more than about 20 miles away from home.  In the beginning, it was due to my lack of confidence, but as I spent more time driving and getting comfortable on the road, I realized that the Versa wasn’t exactly the most comfortable car.  Nor was she all that powerful – she struggled to get up hills, and didn’t handle snowy weather or rough roads all that well.

Enter Ross and his shiny new Outback, Luna.  He’d traded in his 2015 Crosstrek for a super fancy 2018 Outback, in Dark Blue Pearl.

Oh Luna, you’re so fancy.

I’m not gonna lie – I was jealous as heck. Luna is a beautiful car – she’s got a moonroof, heated seats (even in the back!), welcome lights, EyeSight with Lane Assist and Blind Spot Detection, and loads of other features.  When I compared his fancy new Subaru to my sad old Versa Note, I thought to myself, “Maybe I could trade it in for a Subaru…”

And so I did.  Meet Lapis.  (Or, more accurately, Lapis 2 – but she feels far more like a Lapis than the Versa did.)

So shiny new, she hadn’t even been home yet!

She is perfect.  She’s not as tricked out as Luna is, but she doesn’t need to be.  She drives like a dream, is incredibly comfortable, has a wonderful sound system, doesn’t take half my commute to get warm air pumping out of the vents when it’s cold out, and handles bumpy roads easily.  And oh, she’s powerful.  It’s hard to keep myself from going a little too fast in her.

I took her out for our first long trip together this week – not just her first long trip, but the longest drive I’ve ever done – 102 miles, up to Lafayette, IN for a conference.  And we both did just fine!  (Except for the tiny scratch she ended up with on her front bumper by gently booping the wall of a parking garage as I was adjusting her in a parking spot.  Oops.  Then again, I’d done way worse to my scooter, and she survived!)  There were some scary stretches of open plains combined with windy weather that weren’t exactly fun, but we made it.

And I swung by my office on the way back to snag something I had a fellow UITS co-worker make up for me…

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a bit of a Steven Universe fan.

Yep, Lapis has a Lapis decal now, which makes me super happy.  (I need to get her a Peridot decal soon!)  That was our little treat for traveling over 200 miles in three days. 200 miles that involved some 4-lane highways, some twisty back roads, and a fair bit of construction.

Maybe I’ll finally be brave enough to deal with the construction on IN 37/I69.  Maybe.

Lapis’s odometer reading: 425ish miles (I’m too lazy to go out and check at the moment)