The scooter that got sold and then got wrecked

I kinda knew it was going to happen, although I hoped that it wouldn’t.

I ended up selling Mia on Monday, to a sweet older lady who was buying it for her son-in-law, who’d never been on a scooter until he rode Mia in loops around the parking lot of the nearby CVS on Monday night. Neither of them minded that her electric starter didn’t work, and I was glad she’d be getting out of my garage and getting some use. I was a little nervous for the son-in-law, especially after he fell over at one point while taking a curve a little too slowly, and the fact that he didn’t have a helmet also made me worry – but then again, this is me.  I worry too much. About everything. I was worried about freakin’ Lapis the other day when I took her for a car wash and wasn’t able to fully rinse all the soap off of her.

Well, this morning the sweet older lady emailed me to tell me that her son-in-law had crashed Mia, and asked if I knew where she could get her fixed.

Strangely, I’m not quite as torn up about Mia being in a crash as I thought I would be. I’m worried about the lady’s son-in-law, that’s for sure, and I feel bad that she bought a scooter and only three days later her son-in-law wrecked it.

I pointed her in the direction of the nearest Genuine dealership, and also sent her a site that sells individual body panels for Genuine Buddy scooters – and let her know that if she just got the body panels, I’d help put them on, because I’ve probably taken almost all the panels off except the floorboards at some point or another. (And if worst comes to worst and I can’t get them on, I’ll ask Scott to see if he can give me some pointers.)

Gah. Poor old Mia. I almost wonder if I should’ve just given her back to Damion, busted electric starter and all.

Lapis’s odometer reading: 5532ish miles
Stevonnie’s odometer reading: 44 miles


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