Lappy’s first snow!

Yep, I woke up to a snow-covered Lapis this morning – her first snow ever! (Speaking of which, I’m much less nervous about driving Lapis in the snow than I was when it came to driving the old car in the snow – hooray all-wheel drive!)

I’m glad I no longer have to ride around on Mia in this weather – pretty sure neither of us enjoyed it, heh.

Lapis’s odometer reading: 2765 miles, I’m pretty sure
Mia’s odometer reading: same as last time, she’s in hibernation for the winter


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I’m a 36 year old IT worker, crafty nerd, and scooter enthusiast. I drive my fantastic car Lapis around town, read too many books, watch television, go to sci-fi/fantasy/nerd conventions, make far too many quilts and socks for one person to feasibly use, and drink entirely too much tea. I also dabble in programming, have a soft spot for SQL and InDesign, play lots of classic video games, and tend to watch ridiculous amounts of Steven Universe. In short: I do a lot.

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